1. Who owns the book? We charge only for our services; all rights to your book remain with you.
  2. Will I receive royalties or all sales proceeds? If you choose to publish under our account you receive 30% as we will market the book, and promote it. If you choose our self publishing route, you can keep all your royalties and pay for our formatting services.
  3. Where will the books be housed? You may keep the books yourself by purchasing copies of the printed book or have the book stored at our partner warehouse to be released when you’re ready.
  4. How much control do I have over the production process? We offer you a menu of services; you pay only for those you need. If, for example, you’re experienced in desktop publishing, you might choose to design your own interior layout, but want us to handle the cover. You will be able to review and approve any suggested designs, layouts, fonts, etc.
  5. Who handles marketing and advertising? If you publish under our account, we market and advertise your book, if you choose a self publishing option, you handle the marketing yourself.
  6. What is the cost? Depending on the package you require costs vary, but publishing under our account will be required to purchase a once off admin cost.
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